See What Others Don’t…

Marc Sagal

More than just a clever slogan, these words represent what makes APFC so special.
I suspect by now you realize that there are those who think they understand soccer and those who really understand it. What’s so amazing about APFC, about Albert and Bernat and their staff is that they want to, and are able to, teach the concepts, principles, and ideas that provide a clearer and more powerful way of seeing (and playing) the game that we love so much.
It’s somewhat ‘cheesy’ to say, but getting such a gift is pretty damn special. I say this because I’ve benefitted tremendously from being exposed to the APFC curriculum.
As a Sports Psychologist, I spend a great deal of my time helping players identify and connect with what makes them special. Knowing this helps players to be more confident, resilient and reliable. Players who embrace and grab hold of the APFC concepts are gaining access to superpowers that can and should transform both their playing quality and their appreciation for the game.
But it’s one thing to be taught and another to learn. While the ideas may be simple, their mastery is anything but. My hope is that as you (and your son or daughter) join us on this journey, you will focus on the two things that you can control in order to maximize the value of this opportunity: Effort and Attitude. Come with the commitment, drive, and determination that will allow you to soak up as much as you can, as quickly as you can. And, come with an attitude of positivity and spirited competitiveness so that the environment matches the coaching wisdom.
I’m excited to be part of the journey and happy to help how I can.

Marc Sagal
Managing Partner
Winning Mind, LLC