APFC Trips

APFC trips offers you the perfect mix of soccer competition, tournaments, training and coaching combined with the most incredible and unique destinations available.

Trips for player, a team or a coach looking to test yourself against the best of the best.

APFC has taken many players and their families to different tournaments and competitions in Europe. They have enjoyed unique experiences in Spain, Mexico and other parts of the world.

APFC players and coaches have faced teams such as Real Madrid, Zaragoza, Chivas, America, FC Barcelona, Levante, Olympique de Marseille, RCD Espanyol, Liverpool, Celta de Vigo, SD Huesca, Deportivo de La Coruña, Zaragoza… and many other world-renowned clubs.

We accompany you throughout the trip

Our staff, with years of experience in these tournaments, will help you provide personalized attention before and during the trip.

We help you prepare for training and matches, team and opponent analysis, and the preliminary phase with friendly matches against high-level teams to prepare for the tournament.

Unique experience

The APFC trips project to live the 360º experience as a professional soccer player in Catalonia and reach the success of European soccer. A unique experience with the best APFC methodology focused on elite competition, in one of the best locations in our region and with one of the best facilities in Europe.

Learning on the road

Train as a professional player with training led by the APFC team in the mornings, with top level trainers, personal trainers, physiotherapists… all this with a control of the physical load, nutrition, health and safety. In the afternoon you will train in top level teams to continue with the training to become a professional player and reach success.

High level competition

What sets us apart from the rest is the direct contact with the highest level of soccer. That is why the experience you will live with us will be unforgettable, personalized and you will want to repeat. We have the experience that differentiates us and allows us to provide a good service.

Upcoming Trips



March 17th – 1vs1 offensive and 1vs1 defensive 
In this clinic, players will learn when and how to tackle and resolve the two different offensive types of 1vs1: in motion and static. We will help players to dominate the upper body movement while they execute the foot skills.

Time: 5 pm-7 pm 
Location: Southwestern College

March 24th – Individual offensive fundamentals
The APFC methodology is divided into individual and collective concepts explaining soccer’s secret language. In this clinic, players will learn the unique ideas of:

  1. Head up
  2. Back foot
  3. Break the lines
  4. Body profile
  5. Lines of pass
  6. Opposite movement vs. support movement
  7. Build up phase
  8. Attacking and defending 2vs1 and 3vs2

Ages: All ages
Time: 5 pm-7 pm 
Location: Southwestern College

March 31st – ATTACK and FINISHING + understanding the finishing zones.
We can divide the box into four (4) different zones:

  1. The first post.
  2. The area between the first and the second post.
  3. The second post.
  4. The area around the penalty spot.

Ages: All ages
Time: 5 pm-7 pm 
Location: Southwestern College

April 7th – When to dribble, when to pass.
The first and most crucial aspect to consider when discussing dribbling is understanding when and why it becomes relevant. And when and why must be used instead of passing. In this camp, you will learn how to find the free player by understanding when you dribble and when to pass.”

Ages: All ages
Time: 5 pm-7 pm 
Location: Southwestern College


“The coaches asked to bring APFC for the second time to present the hosted coaching course, It was a helpful and well received course “

Ryan Rich

National Capital Soccer League Executive Director

The best experience at the highest level


Professional facilities include 12 11-a-side soccer fields endorsed by UEFA and FIFA, among which there are natural and artificial turf fields meet the technical needs of any player.

The residence is only a ten minute walk away, where we will have the best comfort thanks to its 4-star category. Inside the enclosure we find the housing area, where the soccer player will have his private room and private bathroom and a shared space with other teammates.

In order to offer the best experience at the highest level, we have to adapt to the high performance competition calendar and that is why we organize trips during Easter, December and June. These are the months that the big teams usually dedicate to preparing for the competition, friendly matches and player trials.

The previous or later experience in tournaments we organize it so that the team adapts to the high level of Spanish soccer playing friendly matches with high level teams, a responsible of our team follows up the team helping if necessary the coach to prepare the moments before the matches, with video analysis of the matches and with the trainings so that the experience in the competition of the tournaments is satisfactory.

We have the experience to be able to bring the coach to high level like Albert Puig, FC Barcelona, our master soccer coach with unique Catalan Methodology.

Trips focused on the personal and professional growth of the coach in the world of high level soccer. With us you can live a few weeks as if you were a high level coach, with real training sessions, theoretical sessions every morning and the final test analyzing and following different teams, both professional and formative, in a competitive match. All this accompanied by experiences such as visits to soccer fields, talks with professional coaches and players, LaLiga and second LaLiga matches, museums of the big clubs and much more.

Enjoy this trip and the culture that Catalonia gives us, high level soccer, meet the best, gastronomy, history and much more accompanied by the APFC travel team.